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  • Workwear Jackets

    The authentic French work jacket, made in France in the VETRA factory since 1927 by the same family. The iconic jacket is revisited today for a more fashionable and trendy wear while keeping its authenticity.

  • Authentic French...

    The authentic French moleskin work jacket VETRA. Iconic jacket of the men's wardrobe since the beginning of the century, the moleskin jacket is one of the most resistant products that workers have worn for many years until it wears out. Moleskin is perfect for meeting the desire for durable clothing for today's customers. The VETRA brand has been manufacturing its jacket in its factory in France since it was founded in 1927. It remains a rare and sought-after item in thrift stores because it is a garment that has been used and worn by workers for a long time.

  • Linen jackets

    VETRA linen work jackets are a modern and chic adaptation of the traditional canvas jacket. Offered in heavy or light linen, this jacket in many colors is close to the suit or evening jacket while presenting an authentic and elegant look. Of superior quality, it will last over time.

  • Light canvas jackets

    Authentic VETRA jackets are offered in lighter, more original fabric variants, allowing you to wear more modern and fashionable jackets while keeping the authentic style.

  • Corduroy jackets

    Velvet jackets, original and offbeat fabrics, these authentic jackets by their shapes are modern and fashionable, for durability at all times.

  • Melton jackets

    Work jackets made of woollen sheets are an adaptation of the authentic jackets for winter. Authentic and iconic, they present historical forms and tell the story of the VETRA family manufacture through a fashionable and modern evolution.

  • Workwear Jacket in twill fabric 1C/4
    155 €
  • Workwear Jacket in twill fabric 1C/5C
    156 €
  • Workwear jacket in washed moleskin 3M/5E
    189 €
  • Suit Jacket in twill fabric 1C/24
    155 €
  • Men's Jacket in Felted Melton wool 3E/5G
    249 €
  • Organic Cotton Workwear Jacket with Cuffs 1G/8B
    180 €
  • Lined 100% Wool Melton Coat 3F/50
    291 €
  • Workwear Jacket in Poplin fabric 2Z/5
    168 €
  • Brushed Broken Twill Workwear Jacket 2A/5C
    171 €
  • Workwear Jacket in Herringbone fabric 1A/4
    174 €
  • Short Jacket in heavy linen fabric 2L/5C
    180 €
  • Workwear Blazer in Heavy Linen fabric 2L/24
    198 €
  • Soft Corduroy Workwear Jacket 2B/5
    174 €
  • Workwear Melton Jacket 2F/4
    191 €
  • Double-face Melton jacket wool 5F/4
    240 €
  • Workwear Nehru collar Jacket in light twill 4N/35
    119 €
  • Wide wale corduroy workwear Jacket 9L/4
    171 €
  • Vareuse en lin lourd
    168 €
  • Workwear Harlequin denim Jacket 5R/4
    155 €
  • Light twill shirt 4N/99
    120 €
  • Workwear Jacket in ottoman fabric 1H/4
    101 €